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The following appeared in the Montreal Gazette on September 22, 2010 in  recognition of Senator Angus'contribution for the construction of the Melvyn G. Angus Family Psychiatric Care Unit.

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Unveils Plans and Breaks Ground at Glen Campus - April 1, 2010.


The Premier of Quebec, The Honourable Jean Charest, as well as other dignatories were present for the start of  construction at the Glen Campus of the MUHC.  At this event, the consortium selected to develop this project was unveiled.  The McGill Health Infrastructure Group, led by SNC-Lavalin and Innisfree Ltd., will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the leading-edge facilities at the Glen Campus as part of one of the world's largest public-private partnerships.

March 5th, 2010 - Senator Angus represented Minister Prentice at the unveiling ceremony of a plaque of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada commemorating the national historic significance of Sir John Kennedy.


Sir John Kennedy was the Chief Engineer of the Montreal Harbour Commission from 1875 to 1907.  He played a key role in the modernization of the Montreal port, creating a world-class complex that contributed to the development of the city.  He oversaw the deepening of the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City to Montreal and the reconstruction of the harbour to his design, which allowed the port to handle larger ocean freighters.  An outstanding early civil engineer admired for both his professional achievements and ideals, Sir Kennedy was a founding member of the Canadian Society for civil Engineering and helped shape the engineering profession in Canada. To view pictures of the event, please visit the photo gallery section.

January 30th, 2010 - Infrastructure Announcement.

Click on images to enlarge.

As part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, Senator Angus, made a significant infrastructure announcement in Montreal regarding the conservation and presentation of the Masonic Memorial Temple National Historic Site of Canada.  Senator Angus made the announcement on behalf of the Honourable Jim Prentice, Canada’s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada.

Through the National Historic Sites Cost-Sharing Program, the Government of Canada will be contributing $425,000 to support a conservation project at the Masonic Memorial Temple, which is one of the finest examples of Beaux-Arts style in Canada.

“This project will help the Masonic Memorial Temple be a destination of choice for travelers,” said Minister Prentice. “In our Economic Action Plan, we recognize just how important history, heritage and tourism are to the economy, and the important role that our Cost-Sharing Program will play in support to local economies, as well as to the fabric of national historic sites." 

October 19, 2009 - Plaque-unveiling.

Click on images to enlarge.

Senator Angus was extremely proud to be part of a special plaque-unveiling event to recognize the Melvyn G. Angus family and Angus family Foundation, whose generosity helped create the modern and healing environment of the west wing of the Mental Health Mission (4W-MGH).  Mr. Melvyn G Angus is Senator Angus' late father.

The project was six years in the making, a long journey to be sure but a tremendously satisfying project, as was evident by the large turnout of clinicians, administrators, board members and other guests who came to see the new unit and thank the members of the Angus family.

As Dr. Warren Steiner, Psychiatrist-in-Chief, said so eloquently:"Being admitted to a psychiatric ward is a treatment option reserved for times when one's illness is truly out of control.  The hospital is a place for clarifying diagnoses, stabilizing illness and starting a patient on the difficult road to recovery.  To do this requires an environment where everyone lives, works and heals in a safe and dignified place."

May 1, 2009 - Senator Angus attends the Atwater Library Ceremony.

Click on image to enlarge.

Photo (left to right): Senator W. David Angus; Jean-Claude Marsan, Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada; Westmount Mayor Karin Marks; Jacqueline Papineau Desbaillets and Monique Papineau, descendants of Montreal Mechanics' Institute founding VP Louis-Joseph Papineau; Marie Cinq-Mars, Councillor, Ville de Montréal; Jacques Chagnon, MNA Westmount - St-Louis; Hugh McGuire, President, Atwater Library and Computer Centre

Article appeared in the Westmount Independent May 5-6, 2009.

It’s official: Atwater Library is historic

Approximately 45 people were at the Atwater Library and Computer Centre on May 1 to attend the unveiling of a “Historic Sites and Monuments” plaque from Parks Canada. This attested to the institution’s importance as a centre for learning, aimed especially at workers and new immigrants.

Representatives of four governments, volunteers, donors and well-wishers converged on the 1918 building at Atwater and Tupper to offer congratulations.

Representing the Canadian government, Senator David Angus, a former Westmounter, called the ceremony “long overdue.” The designation was acquired by the former Mechanics’ Institute in 2005, but the unveiling has been delayed at least once by an election.

In addition to those mentioned above, provincial legislator Jacques Chagnon,Westmount city councillor Tom Thompson and Richard Lord, a longtime supporter of the library, were in attendance.

Senator Angus Awarded the Title : Advocatus emeritus (Ad. E.)

The Quebec Bar has awarded Senator Angus the title of "Advocatus emeritus (Ad. E.)".  This distinction is given each year to certain members of the Bar who have demonstrated professionnal excellence and a continued contribution in their field of law.  The ceremony will be held on May 28th 2009 at the Sheraton Centre of Montréal.

2008 Election Campaign

To review Prime Minister Harper's plan for Canadians, please visit: http://www.conservative.ca/EN/5317/106938.


Senator  of the Month

Senator Elaine McCoy has a special feature on her web site called "Senator of the Month".  In July 2008, Senator Angus was identified as such.  The interview is enclosed below...

Senator of the Month

Not to be confused with the British actor of the same name, Senator David Angus has nevertheless been kept busy by movie directors and others in the film business over the past few months as his Banking Committee reviews proposed changes to film tax credits. A renowned maritime law practitioner from Montreal, Senator Angus has had years of practice chairing committees and boards in both the private and public sectors.

GDC: I gather you started your career by running off to sea. How did that come about?

Senator: I heard about Princeton, applied and was accepted. But Dad said I was not going; I pleaded with him. He said it wasn't about the money, that I was too young – I was one month away from turning 16. So I joined the British Merchant Marine, and worked with many different crews. I learned a lot, interacted with many different people – it was a very significant time; an opportunity to grow and mature.

GDC: You eventually did graduate from Princeton, with honours. What took you into law school at McGill?

Senator: During my university years, I worked in the summer at the Montreal Gazette. I loved to write and I was good at it. For whatever reason, during the summer of '59 the court reporters were absent and the editor needed someone to cover the trials, so I was asked to take that on. One day the editor came to me and asked me if I was interested in becoming a lawyer and set up a meeting with the dean at McGill. I was having fun, working full time and spending late nights with the other reporters. I wasn't interested. My editor said that I was born with a legal mind and that I should meet with the dean anyway. So I did. I was accepted into the school mid-term, and continued to work full time.

GDC: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Senator: Getting to 71 without having compromised my ideals. I’m fairly idealist. One of the things that concerns me is when they suggest all politicians are crooks. I was very blessed with the family I grew up with. My dad always emphasised integrity. You can't buy it, it's an intangible thing. If you have it, you hold onto it. You tell one lie and you lose it. I might be naive, but I think that I’ve gotten this far without compromising the big things, the important things.

GDC: When Dan Hays retired from the Senate last year, you said "notwithstanding the partisan approach and other shenanigans some of us stoop to from time to time, he was always fair and balanced." What role does partisan politics play in the Senate?

Senator: The Senate is not in a good space right now. There’s too much partisan bickering. The Liberals are blocking bills with their large majority. This is not what the Senate is designed to do. If we’re going to have two houses they have to be different. That is the check and balance the Senate is supposed to provide with its oversight role of sober second thought.

GDC: How do you feel about electing Senators?

Senator: I’m against it if it means a full scale election as in the case of MPs. We need to reform the Senate, but we need to be practical. Elections won't do it. If we elect the Senate it will end up looking just like the other place. There’s value in having people such as myself and the other Senators appointed, we just need to change how we go about it. Yes, there’s been abuse of the Senate appointments but largely we have good, well educated individuals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the chamber. An MP is not likely to have 25 years experience dealing with taxes and law and finance. This is where the Senate is strong and balances the other place. We need to redistribute the numbers to broaden provincial representation and we need to come up with a process similar to that in France where there are a kind of small regional electoral colleges which elect senators.

GDC: You chair the Banking, Trade and Commerce Committee which has been reviewing proposed changes to film tax credits and off-shore trusts (Bill C-10) since November. How is that coming along?

Senator: This proposed legislation has been around Parliament in one form or another under both Liberal and Conservative regimes for about 10 years. It’s become a nightmare for the Banking Committee. If there’s anything good about it at this point, it’s the fact that it highlights the risks and dangers inherent in incorporating a host of unrelated policy issues, technical and otherwise, in a single omnibus bill, in this case over 500 pages long!

GDC: You lead a pretty busy life. How do you keep going?

Senator: I have tremendous energy, I’m very lucky for that. And I’m interested in so many things that I’m always looking forward to the next challenge. But balance is the secret. Just as I work hard and do many things, I have to have downtime. When I’m with the guys, I turn my IQ back to zero and have fun. I also very much enjoy spending time in the countryside.

GDC: You obviously take your Scottish heritage seriously, too. I gather you were named Scotsman of the Year by Quebec’s Thistle Council in April this year.

Senator: The Council is an oversight body dedicated to keeping Scottish traditions alive and well in Quebec. They called me last fall and asked what I was doing this spring. They said that I’d been nominated for the award. The evening was great, and I had to sing for my supper with a wee Gaelic-inspired address. My duties go beyond receiving the award. For example, I’ve been called upon to fire the cannon to open the Highland Games this August. It should be fun.

GDC: What is your greatest character trait?

Senator: I wear my heart on my sleeve. There is no guessing about how I feel, I just can't help it. If I don't like you, you know. I can't hide it.

GDC: Places you like to travel?

Senator: I love to golf, I love to fish. I love to ski. I’m an outdoors person. I travel all over to indulge this, and have memberships at various golf clubs in the UK and elsewhere.

GDC: I can’t resist one last question. Do you subscribe to the true Scottish tradition when wearing your kilt?

Senator: Absolutely!


Trip to France - May 2008

Senator Angus recently participated in an official visit to France in a delegation led by Honorable Noel Kinchella, Speaker of the Senate.  Other Senators in the delegation were the Honourable Lise Bacon, Serge Joyal, Pierre-Claude Nolin, Jean-Claude Rivest and General Comeau.

This official visit followed on the heels of a State visit to France by the Excellency Governor General Michaelle Jean and was followed immediately by another State visit this one by the Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  On all these occasions, an exceptionally warm welcome was extended by our French hosts who repeatedly emphasized how much they "love" Canada and value the France-Canada relationship.

To highlight the nature of this historic relationship, the itinerary of the Official visit in which Senator Angus participated included a day-long tour of the World War I memorial sites including Beaumont-Hamel, Arras and Vimy. 

In all cases memorial wreaths were laid and our French hosts acknowledged in fulsome terms their gratitude for the great sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers who fought so bravely on French soil in the "War to end all wars"!

As well, the Speaker's delegation made a special journey to the lovely City of Honfleur in Normandy, the port of departure of Samuel de Champlain on his seven voyages to the "New World", one in 1608 when he discovered la vieille capitale, Québec.  On this important occasion of the 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of Quebec, the delegation was warmly received by Senior Officials of the City of Honfleur, symbolic gifts were exchanged and a wonderful luncheon hosted by these officials in one of the port's charming old restaurants.

The Speaker's Delegation also spent three days in Paris and its activities included sessions at the Sarbonne, the Senate of France, l'Assemblée nationale and UNESCO.  Also a welcoming Dinner was held at the Canadian Ambassador's elegant residence.

Senator Angus, who was accompanied by his wife Louise, felt the trip to be a resounding success, not only in terms of the substantial good will generated, but also in terms of the serious dialogue which took place during working sessions between the Canadian Senators and the various senior French officials, including the Presidents of the Senate and l'Assemblée nationale.

Photographs of the trip are available in the Photo Gallery section.


  Vermont Public Radio (VPR)

The Senator has joined the fight to oppose a pending CRTC application which potentially could lead to the blocking out of or interference with broadcasts into various communities in Quebec's Eastern Townships from the Vermont based public radio station WVPR which is a not-for-profit English language radio outlet broadcasting on 107.9FM under US and Canadian regulatory authority for 27 years.  Details of the issue are described in the attached Montreal Gazette article of April 29th, 2008 (page A4).

Article in the Montreal Gazette on April 29, 2008

Townshippers fight to retain access to VPR; Petition CRTC to block bid by Corus; French-language radio station wants to change frequency and boost its power

Vermont Public Radio listener Kennon Cooke of Magog will spend most of her time today and tomorrow doing her bit to make sure VPR will continue to come through on her small Grundig radio. By 11:59 tomorrow night, concerned VPR fans living in the Eastern Townships - and some listeners across the border - will have to leave the local fate of their favourite station in the hands of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.

French-language news-talk radio station CHLT-FM, located in Sherbrooke and owned by Toronto-based Corus Entertainment, has asked the CRTC to change its frequency from 102.1 FM to 107.7 FM. That's right next door to VPR's station WVPS, which broadcasts at 107.9 FM. CHLT has also asked for an increase to its power so it can cover a greater area.

According to VPR president Mark Vogelzang, a stronger signal for CHLT, combined with its proposed new frequency, could block the Vermont station's signal in areas like Granby, Cowansville, Knowlton, Lac Brome, Magog, Ayers Cliff and Stanstead. Even Vermont listeners in Newport, Derby and North Troy could be affected, Vogelzang said.

Vogelzang acknowledged that VPR's listeners in the Montreal area were not threatened by the CHLT application, but pointed out that many of those listeners visit the townships regularly. Supporters in the townships number a few hundred, he estimated.

Online listening, available on VPR's website, will be an option for townships residents if they lose the station, Vogelzang said, but he insisted that the issue has a larger significance.

"It's all about fairness," he said. "Our Canadian listeners have been listening to Vermont Public Radio, National Public Radio and the BBC World Service on this frequency since 1980. It doesn't matter whether there's one or 100 or 1,000. This organization is run by citizens, and whether they're in Vermont or Quebec, they want me to stand up for them in this way, if possible. I think they deserve that respect."

Cooke, a regular VPR listener for 22 years, contended that the strategy is not right.

"It's one of the few English-language radio stations this area receives," she said. "It's as if (Corus is) deliberately trying to block out any competing radio," she said. Cooke said she has already alerted 35 friends to the problem and has filed her comments online with the CRTC.

Jacques Papin, network vice-president of Corus's Quebec office, said CHLT is simply trying to regain the area it covered when it was located at 630 AM. When it moved to 102.1 FM last August, its reach was reduced to the Sherbrooke area. To compensate, it has continued airing on its old AM frequency while the CRTC request is on the table.

"We were serving people in Magog, Coaticook and Richmond when we were on AM," he said. "We want to serve the same community as before."

The proposed move, Papin said, could double CHLT's current reach and add another 100,000 listeners.

"But that's not an increase," he said. "It's where we were before when we were on the AM band."

VPR's Vogelzang said he has written a formal letter of objection to the CRTC, which he expected to send by both fax and courier.

For information about how to voice your concerns to the CRTC, visit http://www.crtc.gc.ca/archive/ENG/Notices/2008/pb2008-25.htm. The relevant application is 591991 B.C. Ltd. All information will be placed in a public file. The deadline is tomorrow at midnight. Also see www.vpr.net. bperusse@thegazette.canwest.com

Trip to Washington with the Canada-US Inter-parliamentary Association April 2008

Senator Angus has just returned to Ottawa following a superb three-day visit to Washington, D.C. in his capacity as a Canadian Vice-Chair of the Canada-US Inter-parliamentary Group.

Highlight of the visit was a meeting with Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives likely the most powerful member of Congress at present and surely a leading agenda-setter for the next U.S. Administration.

The Canadian delegation comprised two Senators and five MPs and some of the issues discussed intensively with their U.S. counterparts from both Houses of Congress were:

(i) Border "thickening" and how to improve the flow of goods and people in both directions across the Canada-US Border.

(ii) NAFTA - its future in light of current  Presidential Primary Campaign rhetoric.

(iii) WHTI - the respective roles of the Department of Homeland Security and the Canada-US Border Management Agency (e.g. Should security really trump trade?  Is there an alternative to "Passports for all" by June 2009?).

(iv) The current state of the U.S. economy, the consequences of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown and the credit crunch.

(v) What is "too big to fail" and was the Federal Reserve justified in its $29 Billion rescue package i.e. Bear Stearns? 

Senator Angus was particularly interested in the issues involving financial markets, banks and the regulatory environment as he plans to lead a delegation from the Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce to Washington June 1st - 4th.

At that time, discussion will be with bankers, the SEC, the Fed, the Controller of the Currency, the Secretary of the Treasury and various Senators and Congressmen and women involved on Committees dealing with Banking, Financial Systems, Capital Markets and potential regulatory oversight issues.

Photographs of the trip are available in the Photo Gallery section.


SCOTSMAN of the Year!

Senator Angus was on Saturday, April 5th, 2008 honoured by the Quebec Thistle Council, being named as "Scotsman of the Year" at the Council's Annual and Alliance Awards Dinner.  The Dinner was a truly gala affair complete with roving minstrels, Scottish Pipers and a multi-course dinner featuring , of course, a wonderful haggis steeped in drambuie.  Senator Angus was the evening's key-note speaker and the text of his address is available here.  Also for a sampling of photographs depicting the evening's festivities, please click here.

The Senator's wife Louise was decked out in Angus Tartan, his son Gregor was suitably kilted and the supporting cast of family and friends included daughter Jacquie with her pal Jon, daughter-in-law Juliet about to produce the first Angus grand-child, nephew Philip Côté, son-in-law Nick Ellis with his fiancee Y-Lang Ha; long- time partner and best friend Jim Grant, with his wife Nancy, George and Anne MacLaren and Gill and Alison Broome.



Senator David Angus Elected Chairman of the New Board of Directors of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) on February 19th, 2007. For more information click here.


St-Michaels Mission in Montreal receives a grant from HRDC.

Senator Angus was proud to attend a cheque presentation at the St-Michael's Mission in Montreal on December 8th, 2006.  For more information on the good work performed by St-Michael's Mission, please click here.


A New Solar Buildings Research Network at Concordia University.

Senator Angus was honoured to represent on May 30, 2006, the Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources, at the unveiling of the new Solar Buildings Research Network at Concordia University in Montreal.  Please click here for further information.


New McGill University Health Centre Task Force

Senator Angus is proud to co-chair a new task force for the McGill University Health Centre.  This new task force will develop a comprehensive vision and business plan for a Life Sciences Technopole that will build on our medical research achievements.  Click here for further information.


Senator Angus was honoured to take part in a Canadian delegation  to Charleston, South Carolina.

The Honourable Members of the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for their 47th Annual Meeting held from May 5 – 8, 2006.  The delegation participated in a number of meetings with their American counterparts on a wide range of issues pertaining to: trade and economics; international issues and trans-border issues.  For information on the resolutions agreed to by the delegates, click here.


Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce: The Public Good and Private Funds: The Federal Tax Treatment of Charitable Giving by Individuals and Corporations

  • January 30th, 2005, Montreal Gazette article  ~ A Gift for Givers
    How many times will you be asked, this year, to donate money for a good cause? How much will you give, all told? What can we do, as a society, to encourage those who have money to donate more? Are we giving enough as a society? Read on...

  • December 15, 2004, Ottawa  ~ Senators recommend eliminating the Capital Gains Tax on donations to registered charities of listed securities and environmentally sensitive land.

    Other recommendations:

- eliminating the capital gains tax on donations of real property to registered public charities;
- extending the above tax treatment to comparable gifts to private foundations on a five-year trial basis;
- allowing donors to make charitable contributions for 60 days beyond the end of the calendar year for inclusion in that year’s income tax return; and
- allowing donors to carry back unused charitable receipts for three years and to carry forward unused charitable receipts indefinitely.

For the full press release, click here

To read the report, click here


Senator Angus was featured in the June 20th and May 30th edition of Canadian Sailings: Transportation and Trade Logistics for his efforts on Bill C-15, an Act to Amend the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. Click here to read the June 20th article and click here to read the article from May 3oth..


May 18th, 2005, was a busy day for Senator Angus as two very important issues were before the Senate for debate:

1) Bill C-15, an Act to Amend the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 was eventually passed after much debate, both procedural and substantive in nature.  It passed Third Reading on May 18th and received Royal Assent on May 19th, 2005.  For more on the Committee proceedings, visit our
detailed account of the Committee's witnesses and deliberations.

2) A report by the Standing Senate Committee on Rules, Procedure and the Rights of Parliament on a Senate Code of Conduct.  The report was adopted on May 18th and can be accessed through the
Committee's website.

The May 18th debates on both of these subjects can be found in the Senate Hansard and can be accessed by clicking here.


Tories Blue Crush overpower Grits in Hockey arena...
On March 23, 2005, the Tories' hockey team, Blue Crush, overpowered the Grits to the tune of 5-2.  Among the team members was the Leader's son, Ben Harper, who assisted on two of the goals.  Click here to see pictures of the game...



The Conservative Party of Canada's Convention (March 17-19, 2005) has been heralded as an overwhelming success.  We have demonstrated that the old Liberals have something to worry about with the emergence of a new, united, defined and strong Conservative party of Canada.

Click here for a selection of post-Convention news...







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